Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Economist, in trying to help Brown, condemns him

There is currently an over supply of lefty journalists doing their bit to save their party.

Every so often they are unable to deny any more the disaster that Labour have been and the clear a present threat that Gordon Brown's premiership is to our country and especially the Labour party.

But they can' get out of the habit of trying to urge their side on and provide Brown advice on how even now he could hold onto power.

A good example of this is Bagehot in this weeks Economist,"There is a mood of penance in Britain. Gordon Brown can make use of it". He suggests a course of action from Gordon Brown of trying to take advantage of the current crisis to change the terms of the political debate. ( I'm sure Brown will, but it will have the usual naked aggression and viscous political tactical calculation that have so much characterised No 10 along with the New Labour bullying spin machine since Brown won power through the gutless coup).

The advice from the Bagehot column is
"Henceforth, Mr Brown could say, I will be franker about the economy. I will answer interviewers’ questions. I will scrap the ID-cards scheme and other costly fixations. I will be less partisan. It isn’t only the expenses, he could declare: I understand the mood; politics must change."

Or to put it another way Brown should:
  • stop lying about the economy;
  • accept that he has to answer questions and that is is rude and boorish to do his famous tractor production statistics on a separate issue and Kirkcaldy telephone directory sort of evasions to anyone who dares to question him;
  • stop burning great piles of cash that he has enslaved the nation into debt to acquire on schemes that nobody wants and are very likely to fail just because he can't admit making loads and loads of very costly and irresponsible mistakes;
  • stop treating the country like it was solely there for the Labour party and the Labour party like it was solely there for his personal gratification of his massive and insane ego;
  • act like he understand other people - fake it if absolutely necessary, and;
  • change - which really means leave, preferably calling a general election first.
Why could even the most trendy lefty and self deceiving intellectually dishonest journalists not see that the answer is far more simple:

Brown and the Labour party are unfit for high office and must go and go now.

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