Monday, May 04, 2009

Just what is it with Mary Riddell and Gordon Brown

As a number of people have mentioned something odd has happened to the Telegraph.

People who would normally live out their lives at the Guardian / Independent / BBC are now regularly writing articles.

The top puzzle is Mary Riddell. She seems to have the "hugging Gordon Brown" brief at the Labourgraph right now.

When I first started seeing her articles, like many others leaving comments I asked what on earth she was doing writing for the Telegraph ? It must have caused offence since my comments appear to be banned ( though it would seem reasonable to let those who have been cast into the Telegraph's outer darkness know why they're banned, but they don't have to. )

So now, right on queue we have the following article:

Its just breath taking stuff ( as well as a very odd commercial tactic for the Telegraph. Just mention the name of Gordon Brown in Surrey right now and you have a near riot on your hands - he's not very popular with the DT readership ).

The Telegraph summarises her role as: Mary Riddell keeps a careful eye on the Labour government as well as writing about social policy, childhood and criminal justice.

In my opinion, which you won't find allowed on the Telegraph's site any more, she seems to be more supporting that government rather than providing insight into it.

She finished her article about why there's no one better than Gordon Brown for Labour with; "If Labour is to have a prayer of avoiding electoral disaster, MPs must abandon the politics of make-believe. On the day some saviour is parachuted into Number 10, then pigs will really fly."

Well as we know Swine Flu is spreading around the country ....


wildgoose said...

There's always the possibility that they deliberately playing a long game. The longer Gordon Brown is in charge, the bigger the eventual victory for the Conservative Party, and the longer they will stay in power.

Man in a Shed said...

Its just possible, but when combined with the ratting on Guido's story to No10 and the employment of other well know left of centre journalists they could be taking the deception bit too seriously.

Perhaps the Harman story need further investigation. She doesn't look like the source, but suggesting Harman might stand firms up support for Brown and forces her to reveal her hand. Very much in No10 interests.