Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Brown - all tactics, no strategy.

Its getting grim out there. Today's attempt by Gordon Brown to get the focus of his failings as a leader just go on to expose more.

He can see that the Conservative education policy is going to be very popular, but this time he can't copy it as it goes against the control needed to ensure that everyone suffers socialism to the same extent.

His analysis is a tactical response to the opposition. Not an idea driven by any strategy Labour might have ( or that Vision he pathetically tried to convince us he wasn't going to run and win the election that never was for ).

The solution to bad schools ? Get local authorities more involved after checking the views of parents whose kids don't go to those schools yet.

The uninformed parents are supposed to be better judges of a schools capability than say Ofsted, and the LEA is of course the salvation for education.

There will be school improvement plans, armies of education consultants ( different ones every month if the experience I've seen is anything to go by ), federations of schools, confederations of schools - with no doubt hit squads redoing whats meant to happen anyway.

If you think that's going to work, then perhaps its time to start suing the education authority that provided your own supposed education.

The Conservative education policies are some of the most exciting aspects of a potential new government. They are very much over due as this tired tactical response of an exhausted, discredited and useless government shows full well.

PS For once the BBC does a very good job of reporting this. See here if your not to easily shocked.Justify Full

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