Sunday, May 03, 2009

The hypocrisy of Hazel Blears

I'm fed up of Labour careerists who wound but fear to strike. The likes of Blears who want to win votes by feeling the voters pain and being seen to be on their side ( which today means against Gordon Brown ), but to do so whilst still in the cabinet.

Its the same trick when cabinet minister, um like Hazel Blears, campaigned against the health cuts their own constituencies that their collective responsibility government was inflicted on England ( but never Scotland and Wales ).

I know many of them will never earn much once they are not ministers (expense fiddling aside) and they are immersed in the shameless gutless culture of the Labour party that treats the poor, down on their luck and dependant the same was a drug pusher treats their clients, but surely even they realise they should act honourably ?

During Conservative governments these things were understood, but I guess Conservative ministers were generally talented enough to live productive lives away from government.

Blears should either resign from the cabinet ( and if she is really interested int he people's welfare then the corrupt parasite that is the Labour party as well ) to make her case, or do what she is signed up for of trying to explain how Labour has sold us all and our children into debt slavery in exchange for little improvement in services - which will now have to be cut either by the IMF or the Conservatives.

In short she's a hypocrite, and member of the most dishonourable, incompetent, gutless, shameless and useless government this country has ever had the misfortune to have to tolerate.

Update: I see she's being forced to come out a swear allegiance to Big Brother - how very Labour. As Matthew Parris has said - the problem with Labour's Cabinet is they are gutless.

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