Monday, March 30, 2009

Lib Dems - claiming here !

OK the expenses bun fight is one where all parties are going to have embarrassing revelations, but I especially enjoyed this one from Guido that shows that Lib Dem MPs have the highest claim rates !

So armed with my Fib Dem handbook of starting scales at any point that suits me and trying to engaged in fake outrage I came up with the graph below. ( Hey local Fib Dems you remeber when you put out that election literature that claimed Conservative Surrey CC had made cuts of £50million, without telling people that Labour had cut Surrey's grant by the same. Or when you put leaflets through peoples doors saying Councillor **** wants to know your views - when they aren't a councillor in that Conservative Ward. Well this is just a little payback. And that's before you get me onto dodgy bar charts comparing votes from different elections etc .)

Nice to know the Lib Dems are winning at something !

MP Expense claims have shown the Lib Dems, on average, claim the most.

PS Just to save the yellow ones the effort of commenting I recognise it most likely to be because their MPs are based as far from London as almost possible ( but not as far as we'd like ! ).


John M Ward said...

Brilliant! I've linked to both this and the related Guido item on my own 'blog.

Letters From A Tory said...

I'm more than happy to have the Lib Dems a long way from London. Sadly they still inhabit SW London in the Kingston/Richmond area and it looks like they are there to stay.