Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why no pay freeze ?

We are being told by Gordon Brown that senior civil servants, dopctors etc will have to show restraint with a 1.5% pay increase next year, when we are told that inflation is near zero.

So that's a real terms pay increase at times of national economic crisis.

Surely the only responsible thing would be a pay freeze ?

Or perhaps, like the Bank of England's pension fund, they know inflation is coming back ?

Or perhaps the rising CPI inflation has them spooked ?

Any way you put it we are either being conned or lied to.

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Ray said...

I almost spat my coffee out when I hear Gordon Brown describe the increase as 'restraint'. Everyone I know still employed in the private sector are facing pay cuts or freezes. Which they accept as necessary to keep their companies going.

Him and all the looters and moochers are laughing at the rest of us.