Monday, February 23, 2009

Real tax payers money being spent campaigning for Labour

Just look at this web site ( screen shot below ) and tell me tax payers money isn't being used to provide political campaigning for the Labour party.

Surely Sir Gus O'Donnell should have something to say about this ? This is clearly a misuse of government resources for political campaigning.

PS If you want to read Brown's pathetic attempts at misdirection and dishonest and shameful omission of his own culpability go here.

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Dizzy wasn't impressed earlier this morning.

The "Real Help Now" sound bite is clearly a Labour party campaigning slogan as can be seen by looking at Liam Byrne blog here, Jaqui Smith ( who certainly knows how to help herself) here , and some Labour MPs site here.

The problem with Labour is they think their parasitical existence and expense accounts and the national interest are the same thing.

A commentator at Guido's web site ( who posts off subject) has out it all well here.

Alice isn't impressed with the propoganda element or the content here.

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