Friday, February 06, 2009

The Ratchet [1] Diversity

Now that multi-culturalism is a busted flush for the left and race relations industry, they have a new ploy. Diversity.

You can have a lack of respect for Diversity and fail to support Diversity and lose your job. Say the wrong thing in a supposed private conversation and you can be fired. ( It has become the new blasphemy to say anything that the religion of diversity deems correct - this week ).

Diversity means that moral practices you may not be happy about will be promoted to your children as young as 5, soon without your consent. Indeed fail to support Diversity and you may never see your children ( or Grand children ) again. You certainly won't be allowed to adopt or foster children if you refuse the new state religion ( unless you're a Muslim because Diversity works for Muslims, but not Christians - for reasons that are all about marginal constituencies and voting intentions ).

Secretive organisations (you know who I mean) try to promote diversity, as a mechanism to hide the distortions they create and create clientism to their particular political view point.

Diversity allows those who control power to over ride things like democratic choice ( see the 'A' list in the Conservative party and others ). Diversity means you can't chose who you want as your candidate for an election, those priests and priestesses of Diversity must choose for you.

Diversity, as a campaign issue, has become the enemy of democracy.

Diversity demands the sacrifice of culture, fairness, opportunity for all, religious belief, and freedom.

The last movement to demand those things was Communism. Oddly the same sorts of people support both.


Sue said...

Multiculturalism in the UK is a dismal failure. It has only caused hatred and intolerance.

In order for multiculturalism to work, first the immigrant/migrant arrives to it's host country with a view to integration.

This means not all moving together in one area and making it a replica of the country they left behind. This also means respecting the fact that our religion in the UK is Christianity based and as such comes first insofar as cultural and moral ethics are concerned.

It means embracing the customs, traditions and history of that host country and most importantly learning the language.

It should also mean that until such a time that the immigrant has "paid into the system" that they should receive nothing from it.

This government has wholly aggravated and compounded racism by not only NOT imposing the above, but persecuting those who would suggest that they were the right things to do in the first place.

Sue said...

Diversity is something that should appear as a result of multicultural success. You cannot have one without the other!