Thursday, February 05, 2009

Refuse collection in Woking

If you live in Woking then you need to be aware that the council has cancelled this weeks refuse collection and has made arrangements for next week detailed at their web site here.

Can't say I'm that impressed. Even if they couldn't cover everywhere they could still have tried to get round some areas.

The public sector is not having a good week.

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John M Ward said...

Yup, agreed on your point here.

Even around my parts, where we are at the top of a hill some 150 metres above the river level and get severely frozen up, our refuse and recycling collections have gone ahead — though a day late.

I do accept that it would have been dangerous indeed for them to have attempted it here on Monday, but it was sufficiently safe for their large vehicles to come down our fairly narrow and somewhat hilly streets the following day.

Well done Veolia (formerly Cleanaway)!

I have been to Woking, including the town centre and some of the outlying areas, and I have to state that their problems in this regard are a lot less than ours here in Medway!