Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proposing the arbitrary misuse of power - Labour yet again

So Labour have decided to go for "Dead beat Dads", by yet again re-announcing they are considering taking away driving licenses and passports from Dads who don't pay their child support. ( Shouldn't this be parents ? And if Dad's are so genetically responsible - how come they can't successfully sue for being fooled into bringing up someone else's child ? But I digress as there's a bigger issue at stake here. )

This is how freedom is taken away - with a good excuse. Its to stop Terrorists/Paedophiles/Rapists or as Harriet Harman seems to think of them Men.

You will then see a minister on TV ( and occasionally - shock horror 0- in Parliament ) stating that the powers will only be used for the purpose intended. [ I am amazed how often I hear that argument from Labour politicians - its of course totally false, but until recently the MSM were so tied into "The Project" that they never questioned it.] I leave it as an exercise to the reader to think of at least three examples of this not being the case with anti-terrorism legislation.

So what Labour are spinning they are proposing ( and we have to remember they do just mislead people for headlines quite often - see marching yobs to cash points for details ) is to bypass the courts and the law and have a government agency handing out arbitrary punishment for a reason it thinks is good.

It also assume that these things are "gifts" from the government to be handed out to well behaved citizens.

As we know once the precedent is established it will be embraced and extended by Labour.

Where else could government use these arbitrary powers to withdraw its new grace and favour privileges ? You can be sure they Will think of something soon. At that point a system of justice that has lasted about 800 years will have been castrated ( again you have to suspect its a Harman fantasy).

I'd like to see parents pay for their children, rather than the tax payer. But I want to live in a country where freedom is guaranteed by due process of the law and courts, not subverted by the government.

Government is using gimmicks to overcome its own inability to administer debt collection. It is also either just not able to think issues through in any depth or perhaps deliberately trying to subvert the rule of law.

Also see UK Bubble on this here, she says "This is classic New Labour; it is both authoritarian and congenitially incapable of understanding the deeper problem." That's about right.

James Burdett agrees and also make a point about using the tax system for this sort of debt collection.

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