Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just what do the pro-DEC appeal people think Hamas is doing blowing people up at boarder crossings ?

There has been a spectacular amount of whining about various "British" Charities not being given free air time to help fund their activities ( which include the distribution of aid - or handing it over to the Hamas militants anyway - but also include their salaries, headquarters and careers during the debt crisis and recession ) and help Hamas in its campaign to isolate Israel using the suffering of its own population which it deliberately brought about.

No such fuss is made currently about Zimbabwe or Darfur or Congo* ( though in fairness I can think of DEC appeals for the last two ) - but then the fake outrage of the hard left doesn't have anything to gain there does it, and there's just no votes is saving those lives for the main parties to chase.

Lets face it - if the health and well being of the Palestinian people was Hamas' priority this sort of thing just wouldn't be going on. They could have stopped launching rockets when it became clear what Israel was going to do - but their pride and self importance came first.

So what's up with this exploding bombs at the border crossing stuff as your trying to negotiate a ceasefire to rearm to get 'aid' across those border crossings.

Go on amaze me ...

* Note that this has not stopped the public donating. Perhaps - just perhaps many other people silently (because the activists will jump down your throat if you say anything) agree - see comparative data for DEC appeals ( Gaza money is only to date, but it has received blanket coverage in the media as a new item of its own and transmission on C4 and ITV ).

As I've said before I'm all for donations to help the people who are suffering and have made such a donation myself - its just some of the charities and the way the appeal is structured is taking part in and rewarding the conflict.

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