Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does anyone listen on education ?

If you read the "To Miss with Love" blog you might conclude no one who runs education from the political level does.

This post here shows the an inner city teacher's view of the latest headline grabbing half backed initiative from Labours education / children's / social mobility / soviet oppression dept. Snuffysnuffleupagus makes the vallid point that the £10k for good teachers bonus is half funded from the school budget ( which for those challenged by socialism means less teachers ), and of course that it will be expected of all teachers. ( She also takes David Willetts to task - which I can't really object to either. )

This initiative will fail - and fail big - and fail expensively, but worse of all fail the kids it was meant to help. But by then Ed Balls and Mr Milburn will have had their headlines.

That's how Labour works - cynical, manipulative and ultimately at best ineffective, at worse disastrous.

Education, education, education ?

They're so embarrassed by the result that they had to rename the department responsible and hide its function from its title.

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