Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"The green shoots of recovery" in Woking - not

Zavvi in Woking - the staff have just been let go and the shutters drawn down today.
Woolworths now just a memory.

Whittards in Woking is closing - despite the venture capital buy out. I tried to order my last ground coffee, but they couldn't fill a 250g bag, and then couldn't fill a 125g bag. That's it for good coffee at home.A card shop that closed and then had a temporary Calendar shop.

All these gaps have appeared in the last two weeks in the prime area of the main shopping centre. And finally Marks and Spencer the local press reports that the branch of Marks & Spencer is to close. The staff say they are in the consultation phase - the modern waiting room for redundancy.

No sign of "green shots" yet !

PS I leave out Adams as their store appears to still be trading.

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