Sunday, January 04, 2009

The cost of Gordon Brown's vanity - about £250k per job !!!

Brown has announced that he intends to tax us by an extra £10 billion. ( Borrowed from abroad mostly and paid back with interest over the decade to come ).

With this he thinks he will "create" 100,000 jobs.

The cost is therefore 10,000,000,000 / 100,000 = £100k per job.

Now government will get some of that money back in tax, and some will replace benefits that would otherwise have needed to be paid out.

But against this will be the fact that 90% of new jobs created go to immigrants from Eastern Europe. Since were talking plumbers etc here for the construction projects its seem reasonable to assume this will continue ( and cannot- despite the false promise of "British jobs for British workers"- be enforced by the government ).

So lets assume the govt get 50% back in tax, but only employs 20% UK citizens ( both assumptions generous to the government ). And also lets fall for the up to 100k new jobs spin line ( as is pointed out by Fraser Nelson - that includes zero ).

We get a cost to the Uk tax payer per UK citizen job of:

10,000,000,000 * 0.5 /( 100,000 * 0.2 ) = 250,000 per job.

That's right folks - Gordon's talking about £250,000 per "job created for UK Citizens".

OK these are rough figures and he'll be wasting some money on Govt IT projects and pie in the sky green schemes also, but you get the rough picture.

This is even worse return on tax payer money than his attempt to save Labour marginals by propping up Rover for a few more months in 2005.

And remember to pay for all this he's borrowing money in your name !

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