Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the German Social Democrats think of Gordon's debt binge

Brown keeps trying to make his assertions on camera, you know the ones:

  • It all started in America.
  • No more boom and bust.
  • Hard working Families.
  • Its is right that __Insert statement he doesn't want to argue for here ____
  • The whole world except the "do nothing Tories" supports the fiscal stimulus plan.
All these delivered with his insane karate chop hands and fake smile ( unless banks are going bust in which case the smile is genuine enough ).

But now the power house of Europe is telling him to get lost. See the left wing finance minister of Germany here in Newsweek - I highly recommend reading it. He's repeating the same line Angela Merkel took and I posted on earlier this week. Note that both the left and right of the German national government saying the same thing.

The German minister especially lays into Gordon VAT debt binge. Of course perhaps it doesn't occur to him that Gordon is really trying to buy the next election by bribing people with debt.

Not that actual facts will stop Gordon from telling his Brownies - but it should make the last PMQs a bit more fun.

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