Monday, December 01, 2008

Germans describe Brown's fiscal stimulus as "senseless"

Get a load of this - apparently Angela Merkel is refusing to join Brown's drive for debt slavery.

She is quoted in the telegraph saying ( I assume its a translation ) "A bidding war ... a senseless race for billions – we won't take part in that,".

This would all be great politics - if it wasn't for the fact that we, and especially my children, are being enslaved in debt by the shameless Labour government.

I don't often wish I was German, but just now I wish I was.


marksany said...

Well the Germans are a lot smarter than us.

They still have a world-class manufacturing industry making machine tools, trains, ships, telecoms, cars(Mercedes, VW, BMW, Porsche) etc.. They also research, design and engineer all these products. German companies I work with have been working hard on cutting costs and raising quality, while their UK and US competitors have been busy shifting production to countries with lower cost workers, but not addressing quality or productivity.

Armchair Sceptic said...

Having spent time with Germans, I'm all for anything that deepens Anglo/German mutual understanding.

You have to remember that Angela Merkel is from East Germany and she has witnessed first hand that socialism doesn't work. Given that Brown is from Kirkaldy, you would have thought he'd have realised that too. Nor has he listened to Adam Smith!

Bill Quango MP said...

The media had to have a new narrative once Milliband {remember him, he used to be quite famous}had knackered his chances with a wimpy speech at LPC.

Sadly they collectively chose to portray Brown's 'apparent' new found decisiveness as meaning new hope for Britain. They have contributed to the man's constant leaping into the dark since Lloyds/TSB at every possible occasion. The hailing of a rehash of the Swedish banking plan as a global success even before it had taken effect, has made it difficult for the MSM to report some of the more obvious flaws and other perspectives from other leaders.

Its Beckham syndrome. Hero to villain to washed up to captain to cheat to adulterer to Golden boy.. to failure to..

Can only hope Brown soon ends up at USC lecturing self-importantly on economics and making appearances on Sky and BBC as an expert, but unable to do any more real damage with his crackpot ideas.
A bit like Tony Benn.