Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shameless Labour - No Inquiry into Iraq for as long as we can delay it

Over the past decade we have lost some of our capacity to be shocked by the naked partisan party before country self interest of the Labour party. But its worth pausing for a moment to remember that the Labour party took us to war on a lie, a lie they helped manufacture and which they have conspired - against the obvious national interest - to keep hiden until they are darwing their generous gold plated pensions.

As well as an inquiry into the economic collapse of the UK David Cameron should proimise an immediate 'proper' inquiry into the second gulf war, and refuse imunity from prosection to the Labour minister like Gordon Brown, who took part in cabinet decision to decieve the British people and start an illegal war. Hopefully both Blair and Brown could then be delivered to the Hague.

PS I see Brown is hoping that he can squeeze a few votes out of saying Biritsh forces will be out if Iraq by July ( and into Afganistan in a big way - but with no clear objective ).

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