Sunday, December 28, 2008

Internet censorship an option - Labour of course

Labour have failed to subdue the internet as they have the MSM with the spin lies and deceit. This has been a continual source of annoyance to the immoral ones, as it has to the unelected colleagues in Brussels. It has also been the rocket fuel that has driven the blogs in the right, and in fairness a few very good and principled blogs of the left.

So of course the internet must be controlled.

Andy Burnham made a few headline grabbing noises yesterday, which I must assume he either ignored civil service advice or any advice or just wanted to kick things of with.

His idea of a rating system would required Orwellian control of the internet and perhaps registration ( as the EU wants ) of internet users. This blog, written under a pseudonym, for example would be illegal.

Based on recent comments from other Labour ministers about liable and the need to reform libel laws tro crush blogging and free speech, I suspect this is part of a New Labour campaign to eliminate their opponents.

Not only must the Conservative oppose this, but we must have constitutional safe guards for free speech so no new deceitful and dishonest government like the unelected Brown can crush our freedoms.

Of course there is a point about internet usage. There is nothing stopping internet service providers offering their own restricted version of the internet, to all those who want to buy it. ( I'm not aware they do, but its possible ).

Or you could do what I do at home and use a DNS service that blocks certain categories - I have small children who know how to use Google. I would also consider some nanny software for the machine they use ( must do in new year ).

Of course Labour's problem is this only works for responsible functional families. They're plan to get me to pay for free laptops for their supporters through my taxation has every chance of being free P*rn for kids. Maybe they are anticipating that headline. But given their desire to start corrupting children at 5 with the states morality of sex education and relationships they have no right to talk.

These are dangerous times. I have long thought Labour would use some excuse to censor free speech. In Australia the government whose leader spent years in China has already gone down this route.

Of course the restrictions will be justified in terms of child safety etc etc - but we all know that despite to false lies and reassurance of Labour ministers, laws once on the statute books get used for other purposes ( just ask Iceland ).

PS Can anyone remember the excuse "but we won't use the law like that" being acceptable by the MSM and Guardianistas under any other previous government ?

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