Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cheating for "Diversity"

One of the more annoying words of 2008 which is threatening to become even worse in 2009 is "Diversity".

You might think you know what this means or look it up in a dictionary, but you'd be wrong.

You need to go on the course, aspire to it, demand it, become an "Investor in Diversity".

Diversity is the next technique for the ratchet of socialism and its crusade against freedom and personal expression.

Only this week we learned of an old folks home having its funding withdrawn as its residents won't declare their sexuality and fill in the council's diversity questionnaire.

Last week I heard that it is common practice in some councils for contracts to be awarded not to the best bid, but to those who met the "Diversity" criteria.

So let me add this story I heard over Christmas on the subject relating to a major public sector employer:

    A recruitment event had been arranged which presented the employer, however at the end the presenters said they were not recruiting this year. A shame thought the young woman who went along quite keen, along presumably with the larger number of men, on this career.

    But then after the even she, and a few others were ushered to one side and given application forms as they met the "diversity" requirements of that organisation.

    And which public sector organisation under took such dishonesty ?

    Why you've guessed it the already politicised Police of course.

Diversity is a ratchet issue - one of the ideas that those on the side a freedom, fairness and honesty should consider is how we are going to file the teeth of that ratchet are reclaim our country.


JohnofEnfield said...

In order to implement "diversity", ultimately you need a "pragmatic" criterion upon which to base your decision. In one of the explicitly racist jurisdictions that have existed recently - South Africa - there was a great legal & economic benefit to be had from being "Coloured" rather than "Black". So the police had to urgently decide what race you were and so they devised a pragmatic test - they called it the "pencil" test. They stuck a pencil in your hair - asked you to shake your head and if it fell out you were deemed to "Coloured".
I presume our very own UK police force will be devising several such "pragmatic" criteria to achieve their "objectives". Surely skin colour alone will be considered too subjective.

Unknown said...

A few years ago a friend of mine was interested in joining the Police.

There were 3 application days. One day was solely for non-white applicants, one day solely for female applicants and one day was available to all applicants - with so many places available from each day.

This was deliberately designed to restrict the number of white male applicants successfully getting a job.

Like him, I am despised, looked down upon and discriminated against because of factors that I was born with and had no choice about. I am white, male and English.

The interesting question is At what point does the bigotry towards us reach the point that it becomes socially acceptable to return the favour?

I only ask because the BNP seem to be striking a chord with more and more people. To what extent are otherwise decent people being driven towards the BNP?

There is an urgent need for a mainstream political party to make a stand against this bigoted behaviour, unfortunately none of the big 3 are in the least bit interested. The Green Party and the Islamo-fascist "Respect" are just as bad. So that leaves the English Democrats Party and UKIP as the only mainstream non-bigoted parties to vote for. Of course they're both too small to stand in every seat so no doubt voter turnout will continue to fall and the democratic process become evermore discredited...

Oh well. Happy New Year!

Man in a Shed said...

John - interesting. As you say the judgements are subjective, and worse they are based on some belief in what the balance should be. That belief is almost certainly false and fails to take into account peoples personal wishes and therefotre builds discrimination into the system.

Wildgoose - Your right here. I could add the story that each fire engine crew must have a Woman. If that's accepted then other criteria will be used also.

Its also true that this sort of thing has existed in the main parties - most recently in the Conservatives with the "A"list fiasco. I however still lean to participation in these parties, but its a volatile position.

By the way I heard you on R4 you and yours - good performance.

A Happy New year to you both !

David Yendley said...

You mention the politicising of the police. In his letter to the Daily Telegraph on 24 December 2008, David Green, the Director of “Civitas” drew attention to the Government’s new habit of using police power for its party-political aims. This letter should be a major statement for those of us seeking repossession of our basic liberties from the sinister forces of Political Correctness, but I have not seen it taken up in any of the right wing forums.

David Yendley said...

In my previous comment, I recommended reading David Green's letter, but I omitted the shortcut:

Man in a Shed said...

Thanks David.

In my experience you can add the education system to the mechanisms that are being rapidly politicised to change opinions.

Indeed its a new key point for Ofsted inspections of schools.

I note the removal of education as an objective and the replacement with a mechanism to promote the agenda's of the governing party.

This is why I intend to pay more attention to what has been called elsewhere the Ratchet effect.