Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Can anyone imagine the American's handing over suspects for the murder of their soldiers ?

As I've mentioned before I went to school with one of the two men murdered during the invasion of Iraq, and I have to say I find it strange that we are handing over their suspected murders to a foreign power.

Surely they must be due to be tried under British military justice ?

It gets even more bizarre when you think that the two men were actually arguing to be kept in British hands and away from the new Iraqi state, who may execute then. ( Maybe this is the intention in letting this happen ? )

We just don't seem to care about justice for our military personnel whether in Northern Ireland or Iraq. Till recently the governments main priority was persecuting them with human rights lawyers and finding a good toffee nosed officer to prosecute in court to keep its guardianista mob happy.

Can anyone imagine the Americans or Israelis doing the same ? Because I can't.

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Bill Quango MP said...

Me neither.
|But don't sweat it. Now that Iraq is
pointing to the door and making shooing motions our glorious leader can bring the troops home in triumph.

happy New year to you.

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