Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miliband loves Big Brother - onward Airstrip One !

The conversion of David Miliband to the cause of Gordon ( as he keeps calling Mr Brown ) is sudden and striking. Not long ago he wrote his Guardian article, gave those impromptu interviews appeared on the Jeremy Vine show - and here's the clincher the Brown camp went into spin / smear over drive to do him down (showing they thought it was a real challenge ).

Now about a week ago we had David Miliband paraded as a prize by the Brown camp in Birmingham - repeating that he loved Big Brother and only Big Brother could be PM.

I'm just watching his performance on The Politics show, which may be the end of his political career as he loses all credibility, and again what sounds like a forced conversion comes over.

Its like seeing Winston Smith under the chestnut tree listing to the view screen for the latest news on the battles and victories of Airstrip One, having finally realised he loves Big Brother.

Just what David Miliband found in room 101 may always be a mystery, but the Brown camp will have been very well informed about any unfortunate incidents in his past. The public humiliation and punishment of Ivan Lewis by who knows whom has made it clear to ministers the fate that awaits those who cross Big Brother.

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