Monday, September 15, 2008

What about to 60k UK Citizens stranded abroad ?

My first thoughts on hearing of the collapse of XL were thank goodness I don't do package holidays. ( The memories from my childhood of early morning flights, always delays and dodgey holiday reps and food are still too fresh ). I've slept in airports - thankfully without toddlers and a dimising supply of cash and nappies !

But what about the 60 thousand people still stranded.

It is a sign of the utter interversion of our politicians ( I'm afraid my party is included here ) that nothing is being said, and less done.

Gordon and the Labour party are navel gazzing in a weird mexican stand off.

Nick Clegg is jumping on the ultimate band wagon ( because thats what the BBC would have its beloved Vince Cable on all day saying if this was the Tories ) of cutting back the state and lowering taxes - to save the 2/3 of his MPs who he's going to lose to Cameron.

And I'm afraid the Cosnervatives are just enjoying the Lab and Lib Dem self destruction shows too much.

So 60k people are stranded, with costs accuring to them at staggerying rates, still waiting to come home. And their government has done nothing ....

Apparently its left to the CAA to sort the mess out.

The truth is that the professional political class don't go on package holidays and don't give a monkey's about the people who do.

( Ok I know everyone's eying the stocket market today - and I'm losing money as we speak - but paying an extra £300/seat for a family of 5 to get home is going to wreck your budget and ruin your whole day for a lot of people too ).


Gallimaufry said...

Give them Russian passports?

Gallimaufry said...

Most of our politicians have never run or organised anything except election campaigns for themselves.
Why didn't HMG seize the opportunity, buy the XL fleet from the administrator with money diverted from the international aid brown envelope, bring the holiday makers home and rebadge the aircraft and aircrew as RAF Volunteer Reserve to make up the shortfall in trooping capacity to and from Iraq/Afghanistan?

Man in a Shed said...

Both cutting ideas.

On the second the least the govt could have done is immediately hired the aircraft and crews for two further days. ( I'm guessing the crews have gone home now ).