Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"He has been our worst Prime Minister ever - both in respects of the nation and the party"

This is brutal, but realistic self criticism just posted on Labour Home. Couldn't disagree with a word of it - except I think we all deserve a general election, not just members of the Labour party.

It was whispered, now it is official - a minister of state has put on record his view that under Gordon Brown, our party is doomed to electoral disaster and backbench wilderness.

Brown has to go....we are now officially in damage limitation mode. He has been our worst Prime Minister ever - both in respects of the nation and the party.

No charisma, no vision, no mandate. It is time to start afresh with an election - (something our party is becoming worryingly averse to.)

However I don't think Brown is finished...


    "He's so unpopular that no one can remember a time since Neville Chamberlain, after Hitler invaded Norway, that anyone was so unpopular. And we can't allow that situation to continue."
George Howarth MP [Labour former minister]


Womble On Tour said...

I think you're right. He's going to hand on for grim death. Not only is it the job he coveted for ten years, he might even believe his own propaganda that Labour should not be in-fighting at times like this. I think they'll be some sort of attempt at the conference next week to force a card vote on a leadership election , but the likelihood is that the unions will kill it off. And Brown will stay beyond Xmas at least.
Still, makes interestitg viewing.

tally said...

Brown is only hanging on in the hope Ireland has another vote on lisbon and returns a yes vote.
Brown is desperate that his hame land exchanges the uk for the eu, and bugger the English