Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Real corruption amongst MPs

There's a lot of fuss about expenses, and there has been about contributions to some political election campaigns.

The message is that the public wants to know where the money comes from, who gave it and what the expect or received in return. ( See Conservative MEPs, Labour Leadership candidates, Cash for peerages, the Lib Dems £2.4M donation ).

It pretty clear that each major party is going to be spending a lot of time on compliance in the near future.

But what about those MPs who vote for things they know to be wrong, in exchange for some bribe inducement ? Pork for their province or personal favours ?

A number of spineless individuals* let down their country today, and have been paid the fees they demanded or were promised by the dishonourable Labour administration. I hope they never rest until they at least confess their shame openly. It will eat at their souls until they do.

* I mean the MPs who knew better than to introduce 42 days internment. Some may have taken the decision on principle- in which case I disagree with them, but they have at least done their duty as they see fit.

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