Thursday, June 12, 2008

David Davis

To say David Davis' forcing a by-election is a shock is an understatement. But he's right. He's putting his future on the line. Its a brave move, perhaps a rash move.

Man in a Shed shares David Davis' disgust at the cynical politicking by the Labour Party to remove ancient English Freedoms just for political advantage of the unelected PM and his cowardice.

Perhaps Brown would like to fight a real election ?

No - thought not.

Ah I can hear Iain Dale just coming on R4 at the moment.

    He says he's a shocked as anyone. It shows how deeply he feels about the issue - shows his conviction.

    People have underestimated how strongly Davis feels about this.

    It makes a dramatic statement. If we really are going to sacrifice out liberties this way it needs and election.

    Iain reports that the Lib Dems are saying they won't put a candidate up against him.

    Being asked if it some sort of leadership marker for the future. Iain's denying this saying you couldn't get a paper between Cameron and Davis over the last few years - despite what some people feared.

The Daily telegraph reports the move, discussing the issue from the perspective of the challenge it provides David Cameron.
Guido's in ! ( Maybe he'll learn to love Basher after all.)
Advice to Labour from a former worker on this here - Hopi Sen.
Looks like Labour don't want to have a fight with Basher - Denis MacShame is suggesting keeping out of it ( as Hopi advised ). Personally I think this plays well for Labour ona number of different levels and is what they are likely to do.
The BBC has a collection a key quotes and reactions here ...
Rachel Joyce consider this a rare matter of principle
The text of David Davis statement is available here.
DD picking up support from Socialist Unity !! - He can be a hero, just for one day

Iain Dale's first considered reaction here
In his own words - David Davis here....

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