Thursday, June 26, 2008

Labour to pay the price for its anti-Christian bias at the ballot box

Just found the quote over at Labour home from a Catholic voter in Crewe:

"None of the Catholics I know who take their faith seriously can take Labour seriously anymore"

The same article reports the views of a Labour MEP Mary Honeyball who has questioned the rights of a catholic to hold high office.

Whilst Stephen Pound (Labour MP and also a catholic) decries her views, he clearly suspects they have wide spread sympathy inside Labour as he introduces the possibility of a catholic political party.

So that's Labour showing bigotry in terms of religious, race and sexism - all in the same week.

As I've said before I don't see how any Christian could vote for the current Labour government or even be a member of such a monstrous party that whipped the legalised mnurder of children between 20 and 24 weeks gestation and tries to deny it ( see Harriet Harman. )

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