Friday, June 27, 2008

5th - behind the BNP - for the party of lies, spin and shame

So Labour's financial crisis, a day after there fund raising exploits are sent to the crown prosecution service, is made worse by the cost of one lost deposit ( Henley by-election result ).

They have lied in the manifesto ( and judge now tells us we should always have assumed so), spun their way past the truth and shamed us all by trying to reintroducing racist and sexist discrimination as well as their continual assault on the underlying Christian faith and believers in this country.

They have destroyed the economy by wasting unimaginable sums of money on unreformed public services. They have designed the banking crisis by destroying the system of banking regulation, and so debased the education system that now no state issued qualifications can be believed or valued any more.

They are literally bleeding the military to death by under funding, poor pay, poor equipment, poor recruitment and excessive wars entered into by the failure of their policies and foresight.

They have been unable to self censure as their multiple and manifest failings have become universally obvious ,and yet they continue to put their own grubby careers, which many would never have achieved in other spheres, and bank balances in front of the good and wishes of the nation.

They are the Labour party, the national disgrace, who know no shame.

Update Even on this issue Labour's first instinct are to spin and deceive - see The First Post's mole here.


curly15 said...

Gordon Brown is not unpopular - Ben Bradshaw said so!

Man in a Shed said...

Gordon Brown's popular all right - his problem is its with Cosnervatives who know he's killing the Labour party off.

( Ben Bradshaw has become a real teacher's pet these days hasn't he ?)