Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is integrity

I have my doubts about the current tactics of the Conservative party. I have my fears that those doubts point towards a deeper and wider problem, a sort of amalgam between the new political class, that in my darker moments I fear may have taken over the Conservative party*, and the analysis of the likes of Peter Hitchens and Simon Heffer.

I cheer myself up with the likes of John Redwood and Nadine Dorries.

Today I am especially thankful that as a young nurse Nadine Dorries has allowed the unpleasant experience of seeing an aborted baby fight for life in a bed pan to trouble her enough to lead to action years latter. She, now an MP, is leading the move to reduce the abortion limit from 24 weeks, hopefully to 20 weeks. See explains why in today's Telegraph.

She is the type of Conservative I most admire - with integrity and a real life experience away from the world of politics. She is addressing something that brings shame on the whole country - the extermination of children later in pregnancy. I fear that one day our children, those we have not killed before birth, will look back and wonder how we allowed such things to go on in much the same way that we wonder about slavery and child labour.

There are not enough like Nadine.

PS Gordon Brown - who wants the murder of unborn children to continue will be addressing the Church of Scotland's general assembly today on the subject of "Morality". He's the sort of politician I despise. Update: See Cranmer's analysis of Brown's hypocrisy here.

* as well as running Labour ( they were always in charge of the Lib Dems )


Letters From A Tory said...

My concern is that there is a lot of suggestion that the quality of Nadine's evidence in the abortion debate has been questionable on several occasions. Not sure what the reality of the situation is but not everyone shares your view!

Man in a Shed said...

However questioning the evidence is standard political tactics. It is an inevitable consequence of an our type of politics.

Its certainly worth doing a look around on Youtube etc to see what abortion at 24 weeks involves, if you've got the stomach for it. (Cranmer had some links to it a while ago - wow - just been over to his site and he has a post right now ).

Read the letter from the nurse quoted.

I took a far stronger line on this on watching some videos of the procedure. Frankly the closest association I could think of at the time was Nazi gas chambers.

Most of civilised nations limit abortion to 12 weeks.

We are talking about a small proportion of abortions, with a limit being proposed by someone who support abortion in first trimester.

Of course I respect different views, but as a Christian I have to fear judgement more for allowing this sort of thing to go on - just because lots of liberal journalists and media people want it.