Friday, May 16, 2008

Have you been banned from Labour home ?

Letters from a Tory has ....

Man in a Shed occasionally wonders over to Labour home, but finds the level a self delusion a bit to much to take over there as they try to figure out how they sold their souls for Blair, betrayed him, allowed an anti democratic putsch by Brown and are now in such a deep hole as a result.

Who knows perhaps they'll chear up if they scrape home in Crewe. Of course they shouldn't since its perhaps the last chance they're going to get to ditch Brown.

Update: Alex Hilton of Labour home official describes his policy in this post - which I quote below:

    I have recently banned a couple of Tory trolls from this site, a process that entails deleting every contribution they have ever made.

    One of those is "Letter from a Tory", who has made his frustration clear here.

    Tories are suffered on these pages for as long as they are polite and constructive and I'd be grateful if readers would alert me if they feel contributors are exceeding their welcome.

    Many thanks

    Alex Hilton, Editor

Personally I can understand banning someone - it happens. Also a party site might want those who hold other views to contribute in a reasonable way - though I've never see any evidence that LetterFromATory isn't polite and reasonable. Its still a relatively free society - despite the best efforts of Alex's pals in government. But deleting all contributions to debates automatically looks a little Orwellian/Stalinist to me - but I guess its Labour home ....


Anonymous said...

Is Labour Home now the Not So Solid Crewe?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Best I can claim is that I've been banned by The Daily Mail.

Can't think why.

The cunts.