Monday, May 19, 2008

On the road to No 10

David Cameron is reported by Rosa Prince (!) in today's Telegraph with the following opening words:

Lower taxes on families and an end to "reckless" state spending will be at the heart of the Conservative Party's campaign to oust Labour from power.

This is the best news from the Conservative party in years ! ( We can expect Labour to sheepishly try to copy, after Gordon has had some time for calculating, but they may not be able to carry their party with them and are very damaged in the eyes of the public ).

The odds on David Cameron being the next prime minister should have dramatically shortened today ( win or lose on Thurs - this is a winning formula ).

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The Great Simpleton said...

Interesting move. In the past whenever tax cuts were mentioned Labour just ran with the mantra about NHS cuts, services cuts etc and scared the children in to believing only Labour could deliver.

Obviously the Tories sense that people have been pushed too far on taxes and that Labour can't fall back on easy mantras and will have to justify their spending plans first.

We could, at last, have a true discourse on taxes and spending