Monday, May 19, 2008

Abortion - we should see what we are talking about

I have the TV series "Band of Brothers" on DVD at home. It a harrowing story, though not quite as bad as "Saving private Ryan" to watch - I'm not sure if I could bring myself to watch that film again, but it certainly puts warfare in its personal context.

The TV series follows a group of US Airborne soldiers through their experience of WWII, and appears to convey a realistic image of the effects of war ( is some ways how would I know having never been closer than a firing range to combat ? But its what I have to go on.)

Towards the end of the events the company liberate a concentration camp in some woods, close by a town which claims to have no knowledge of it. Specifically a proud German woman is shown moving from quiet pride as a noble widow ( she appears to have lost her husband in the war ) to utter horror as the company commander make the local population bury the corpses and clear the camp up. They can no longer deny what was being done in their name. ( I believe similar events happened towards the end of the war with the allied military being keen to ensure that the full horror of Nazi state socialism be made known to the population.)

Equally I think its time we saw with our own eyes what is being done in our names with late abortions. The TV companies have no problems with the mechanics of sexual intercourse, operations, etc etc ( just look at your TV schedule ).

So its time to see what so many journalists and media people are desperate that we never see, an abortion near the 24 weeks limit they are so keen to defend as a woman's right to chose. All the stops are being pulled out this week to smear those who are campaigning for a change, to suggest its being done the wrong way, or that lots of people they know are having abortions all the time and think about it less than what dress to wear.

I can see no reason why we shouldn't all see the evidence if we want to make an informed decision.

Why not ?

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