Friday, May 02, 2008

The mask slips on the left

I've just heard the end of the BBC's R4 Question time five minutes ago. They had just announced that Boris is likely to win London (Conservative home where there 20 hrs ago) - to audience boos.

Loud cheers for Harriet Harman being nasty - hinting that they'll have to get along with Boris which is why she's not saying the nasty things she wanted to.

The as Caroline Spelman tries to answer the question - suggesting that Boris might be like prince Hal in Henry V - the audience tries to shout at her.

What are these people thinking when someone has just been elected ?

1) That the people of London don't deserve to have democracy ?
2) That only the left and their thugs and nasty politicos should decide what is right, wrong and allowed.

If nothing else its just bad manners. Its shows they left totally lack humility or any real commitment to democracy ( at least the crowd in that audience don't - they should be ashamed of themselves. But then as we know the left now has no shame).

MiaS thinks this shows the mask slipping on the left. They are nasty people and Labour is now the nasty party. Just contrast the likes of Balls, Brown and Harman spitting out their fake pretence to listen then getting in their hate against the 'Tories' without properly facing up to what has happened, or even the costly failure they have presided over. They aren't democrats, they aren't even decent people - they are thugs. What they mean is that they are sorry they didn't explain things in a way that would force people to support them.


The Great Simpleton said...

Quite agree with you about the left, there sense of entitlement to power beggars belief. Here's a recent comment I made on one of Harding's posts last night:

"However I find your attitude very typical of the left in general, you love democracy as long as the people vote for your candidate, otherwise they are stupid gullible dupes who can't be trusted."

Scroblene said...

There always seems to be an underlying spite with people like Harriet Harman.

'Nasty' is a word which could well stick, and perhaps it will now.

I bet Boris wouldn't drape County Hall with unemployment numbers like Ken did eh?

John M Ward said...

Slight correction, I think: Labour always the nasty party in reality. I have had years of dealing with them myself, and can vouch for that fact among the majority of their people -- and certainly all their senior people (e.g. their front-bench councillors).

As is often the case, especially with largely biased media, the manufactured public perception is at odds with the reality.

I'm sure you already knew this, of course, but were being too polite to mention yourself.