Friday, May 02, 2008

Labour start burying more bad news - for them

The Labour party has just admitted that David Pitt-Watson, that most Labour of people and investment banker, is not to be the next general sec ( the last one is awaiting his day in court for Labour's fund raising activities ).

This is another slap in the face for Gordon Brown who tried to impose him on his minions in the so called Labour party. The reasons can only be guessed at - but perhaps the personal liability for Labour's debts apparently rests with their NEC and Mr Pitt-Watson is a wealthy man, so his commitment to socialism doesn't stretch to underwriting its debts.

PS The brass neck award for denying the bleeding obvious goes to Ed Balls who I heard on the radio an hour ago trying to say now they've got David Cameron just where they want him.....

PPS As you might expect Guido is busy being cruel on this subject here .... ;-)

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