Monday, May 05, 2008

Gordon Brown could be deported !

Ok how have I strung this one together you ask ?

Well here goes:

1) The Labour party appears to be removing its objection to a referendum on Scotland leaving the Union - and if it passes, and Scotland has to apply for EU membership (most likely ) then...
2) Gordon Brown would have to apply for leave to remain in England on the new points based immigration system he's introducing to appease the BNP. Since he's been proven to lack useful talent he'll get thrown out.

So Scots - vote for independence if you wish, but you have to take him back if you do !


Curly said...

Oh, if only they would.

Never mind we can all get ready for the next Brown relaunch, after a review, of course!

Anonymous said...

The referendum will never succeed, sadly for those of us who are happy to see Gordon leave.

Man in a Shed said...

Curly - Every Labour relaunch these days head straight down the slipway to the bottom of the Clyde.

LtaT - the SNP, unlike Labour, have a strategy and plan. They understand why people are unwilling to vote for independence, and want to reassure with a good period in office first.

Of course the secret to winning referendums in choosing the question, timing and electorate.

The SNP want to hold onto the first two - and Labour will find it very hard to stop them.

The last point could be the Unionist secret weapon. A couple of million Scots live in England ( my wife is one ). This referendum will decide their nationality, and hence the UK government certainly owes them a vote.

Given that electorate the SNP are doomed. The question is are Labour smart enough to figure that out ? (You wouldn't bet on Wee Wendy on that count).

sniper said...

England would have to apply for the EU too you know. I will take my wife's nationality and remain.

Man in a Shed said...

The UK would still exist - and hence the would still be a member of the EU (I wish it were not so ).

I have suggested elsewhere that we could gift the EU membership to a departing Scotland ( legally Scotland would be the UK and the rest of us would leave ).

You can but dream.

[For those SNP types who think Scotland would just walk into the EU let me burst your bubble with the following words: Wallonia, Flanders, Catalonia, Corsica, Northern Italy, the Basque region - the separatist problems in these places will mean that a number of EU countries will be very keen to punish Scotland and make sure it fails.]