Monday, May 05, 2008

Only Scotland gets a choice

The anti-English Labour party is to yet again allow only Scotland to determine the future of the United Kingdom - after all the English are only good for paying taxes.

Wee Wendy Alexander has decided she could at least win a referendum on Scottish independence. ( Voting with the SNP there will be a majority in Holyrood for the idea - but Westminster (ie Gordon Brown - for as long as he lasts ) will have to support it.

But why are only the Scots asked what sort of country they want ?

Update: Just saw wee Wendy being interviewed on C4 News. If your of the SNP persuasion you should get that on Youtube asap ( and send me a link). It just goes to show what a low quality of personnel Labour now has. She just couldn't answer the simple question of when she changed her mind on putting a referendum forward.

Let me help here Wendy - my guess when the phone from No10 went and Gordon told you what you mind was.

Labour only like referendum they think they will win - yet this one could be quite close - so they are gambling with the UK for narrow party advantage - typical Labour.

Who remembers Gordon Brown saying:

    “We will do nothing to put the union at risk”


Update: Looks like I've got Wee Wendy wrong - its apparently a freelance operation. Labour MPs, who haven't been too stunned by Black Friday, are now horrified to discover that the UK could lose its main source of left wing MPs. (Now you know why Scottish independence is so popular south of the border ).

Update: John Redwood gets the point about the injustice to England in an excellent post here...


Anonymous said...

It's deeply frustrating - as is David "Sour Little Englanders" Cameron's anti-English attitude.

Democratic parity should be THE priority. So why is it both main parties and the Lib Dums have no regard for England's rights?

Man in a Shed said...

I believe the answer lies in the almost complete lack of English politics.

Labour need Scotland to if they are to rule England.
The Conservatives now sense they may win power without having to change the constitution.
The Lib Dems supported devolution everywhere, but England ( they'll start waffling about regions etc if you challenge them - if they believe that then why isn't the Lib Dem party organised that way ? They actually have an English section. )

IanPP said...

This is Lord Monktons view:

In Scotland, where the current “regional” gauleiter wants us to be independent of Westminster (which makes one tenth of our laws) but still subject to the dismal empire of Brussels (which makes nine-tenths of our laws), I lead a small but rapidly-growing movement in the Highlands and Islands which is aiming for independence from both Edinburgh and Brussels, but continuing loyalty to the Crown. We want our freedom back.

For the full story see: