Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who votes for Scotland ?

If there is to be a referendum of independence for the location of Scotland - who should the electorate include ?

1) Just those UK citizens on the electoral roll in Scotland ?
2) Only people who would wish to be Scottish Citizens on the electoral roll in Scotland ?
3) All those people who would/could become Scottish Citizens if Scotland was to separate ?

With the Scottish Parliament it has clearly be seen as 1). But I would argue that natural justice requires that for the separation from the UK 3) is required.

Of course this choice will probably determine the result .....


wildgoose said...

It's not Scotland alone. This affects everyone in the Union, and everyone in the Union should have a voice.

If the existing Union is to be broken up then all parties should vote; Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland - and England itself.

Let everyone in the Union decide whether it is past its sell by date or not, especially England, because we're the ones who have never yet been asked.

Man in a Shed said...

Wildgoose - agreed. ( I had an earlier post that said the same thing ).

See also John Redwood today .....