Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mean while in Basra ......

Are US forces are finally starting to take control of the situation in Basra ?

It look humiliating for the British army, and is probably a result of the lack of will and weakness of Gordon Brown.

Today we are told that US and British special forces are operating in Basra. It doesn't make the front page of the BBC's UK web site right now, which is perhaps just the way the government would like it.

I heard a British General on the radio this morning making the excuse that because the US trained the military units in Basra it was easier for them to cooperate - hence their deployment. Sounded like a face excuse saving to me.

As ever the truth is very hard to get at, but after Des Brown's admission that the abducted British Sailors (+1 iPod) were actually in international waters, the government appears to be heading for a very drawn out and humiliating retreat from Iraq.

The problem is that we need a decision - we are either there or not. If we are to be there we need appropriate forces and equipment - plus the decency to pay our troops well ( not double their taxes ) and look after the wounded as well as we can possibly do.

Personally I'm for pulling out - but if we stay it should be done properly. The current weak humiliation of sitting at Basra airport to offer target practice to Iranian backed guerillas is the worst of both worlds - and a typical weak Brown fudge.

Update: Similar conclusions appear to have been reached by the British Army - only the indecisive Gordon Brown prevents action. See Robert Fox's take here...


dirty european socialist said...

How is the UK fault. What does Basra have to do wihtout the people of the UK.

Man in a Shed said...

The answer here - is because the government accepted responsibility for this part of Iraq.

The people of the UK elected that government and have to go along with the results.

My point here though is we are getting the worst of both worlds. We neither withdraw our troops nor do we have an effective presence. Only Labour could balls up like that - but I guess because few in the Labour party understand the army or even like them letting them and the RAF act as targets in the Iraqi desert is fine for them.