Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Only Gordon Brown doesn't know how pathetic he looks

Because the rest of the country is sick to death of his self justification and complete failure to admit error. This man shoudl not be left alone to run a Fish supper shop - let alone a government.

The Labour party is guilty of putting their own person selfish interests and expenses before the good of the country in allowing this nutter to continue in office.


dirty european socialist said...

I thought the PM did pretty well. Labour have had 10 years without a recession. Plus record low unemployment. Plus Thacther had two recessiona and record unemployment.

Man in a Shed said...

I guess beauty, and ugliness, is to some degree in the eye of the beholder.

He didn't produce the complete car wreak that his early PMQs produced - mostly because -like Blair, but unlike Thatcher and Major - he never answers the question any more.

You could tell he was rattled as he just reeled out the stats (which no one believes any more - for example the 3 million jobs he claims to have created 90% went to immigrants ! This is a habit with Brown of passing of untruths and lies whilst talking about something else ) instead of answering the challangge from Cameron. The listening Labour MPs understood what DC was saying, and they know in their hearts he's right.

Further Brown is not responsible for 10 years without recession. The Economic stability was provided by the previous Conservative government who save the country from collapse. Their major mistake (no pun intended) was going along with Labour and the Lib Dems on the ERM.

Brown did OK as he followed Conservative spending guidelines for the first few years then the unquie set of circumstances of the emergence of China as a cheap source of good saved his send half. Unfortunately he failed to reform the public sector where efficiency has actually fallen and just fire hosed cash raised with massive stealth taxes on peoples pensions and selling the UKs gold at the bottom of the market.

But keep him on as PM by all means - you are completely doomed if you do. However, the country will suffer badly if you do - and those at the lowest points in society always suffer first.

So its the poor and disadvantaged who will pay most for the failure and ego of Gordon Brown combined with the lack of patriotism of the left who put their own selfish jobs an d easy supply of Guardian advertise pork barrel jobs before the interests of common people.