Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Note to St George - Dragon for immediate dispatch


We've another dragon problem that needs sorting. England is being run by a Scotsman who has sworn to put the interests of Scotland first in everything - and he wasn't kidding as lots of money stealthily taxed from the English is spent back in his lair. English men and women are denied life saving drugs they paid for have to watch from within your borders as the same are handed out to the favoured Celts. The English also must pay for their own children and send money north to pay for the free education of Scots.

Your people voted for another party at the last election, yet still MacLabour rules. We have no law making of our own without the interference of the dragon's servants from Scotland and Wales. He has devised devolved parliaments for his Celtic strongholds and loads of English cash is to be transferred to his own little socialist playgrounds, whilst crushing the English with unfair council tax and stamp duty - designed to especially crush the English people for daring to vote for another party.

He knows were onto him which is why he's (well his fellow Scot Carter probably came up with the idea) flying your flag (along side the the Union flag - you never get any respect from the dragon's government ) over his London home.

Please will you dispatch asap. The usual arrangement with a pike on Tower bridge would suffice,

Your faithful servant,

Man in a Shed.

PS Once you've finished here - there are some good people in Zimbabwe who could do with your services also.


Anonymous said...

I hear that the people of Tibet might need a helping hand as well.

Rachel Joyce said...

Very good - and troublingly true!