Saturday, March 29, 2008

Whats a billion pounds to Gordon Brown ?

The answer is nothing at all ! He knows he's spending our money - not his.

So the EU is to cost the UK over £4 Billion this year instead of the Brown advertised £3.3 Billion.

See this from the Telegraph article by James Kirkup ( full article here ):

    The figures also show that Britain will make even larger net payments to the EU in the coming years. In 2008-09, the net payment will be worth £6.1 billion. In 2009-10, it will be £6.4 billion.

    The rises are the result of a 2005 agreement by Tony Blair - with Gordon Brown's backing - to a staged series of cuts in the rebate, which was won by Margaret Thatcher in 1984.


    Mark Francois, the shadow Europe minister, said that Mr Brown is failing to defend British interests. "These figures show how Britain is paying more and more to the EU while our taxes are going up and our public finances are in a mess," he said.

    "We can now see just how damaging Gordon Brown's cave-in was when he gave away £7 billion of Britain's rebate in return for nothing at all."

This was the cost of allowing Blair and Brown to be good European citizens and cave into the French a few years ago.

Personally I think its close to treason.

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Anonymous said...

Blair sold us out.

We deserve that rebate for the ridiculous imbalance in the funding arrangements for the EU meaning that we pour in far more than we get out.