Friday, March 28, 2008

Only ever "Scotland and Britain" never England

It is noticeable from Gordon Brown's speech in Aviemore to the Scottish Labour conference that he uses the phrase "Scotland and Britain" on a few occasions - see report by the Press Association. ( The BBC of course realising this puts their man in a bad light managed to avoid reporting that phrase in its version here saying "we'll stand up the SNP" - which is of course bollocks as all they have done so far is cave in with English tax payers money. The examples are the avoiding cutting the Scottish NHS budget in proportion to the cut he made to the English one last year, not clawing back the money the last Labour administration in Scotland had been unable to spend ( over a billion pounds I believe - no wonder Alex Salmond smiles) , and the absurd sight of the Barnett tribute formulae being used to send yet more dollops of cash north of the border when London finally got the OK for crossrail.

With Labour its either Scotland, Scotland and Britain ( doesn't that count Scotland twice ? Not very good with figures is he for a academic economic historian ), or the British Nations and Regions ( I'll give you a clue, for Gordon England is not in the British Nations part ).

The truth is that England is very inconvenient for the Labour party - except as a source of cash to taken elsewhere. Come on Gordon say England !

Labour has become the enemy of England and the English. Remeber this is you find yourself near a ballot box in the future.


Anonymous said...

This was in the speech:

"We should stand up for the people of Scotland and for the young people of Scotland. We will be the front-line of defence for them against these SNP cuts, not just because they are wrong but because they are depriving OUR country of its best future."


old and angry said...

I would like anyone on PMQs just to challenge the dour one to say the word "England".

Charles O'Brien. said...

Leveson enquiry,lord Leveson did say the English Parliament when speaking of Westminster and that is they way it has been thought of for 300 years.The amount of English MPs has always been much more than the Welsh Irish and Scottish combined so all this no English government is all nonsense,and there has only been two governments when the Scottish votes were needed to complete a majority.Stopping squealing like wee lassies.

Man in a Shed said...

The problem is that a British Parliament has British politics - which is primarily bribing the Scots, Irish and Welsh with English money. ( Yes I know that wee Eck has told you you'll be fabulously rich oil barons after you vote for separation - and as an Englishman I'm happy to call his bluff on that one. )

For English politics you have to have an English Parliament ( which implies an English government ). None of the main political parties are willing to let go of that power ( especially not the anti-English Labour and Lib Dems ).