Wednesday, March 19, 2008

National security - but no mention of the Falklands

Gordon Brown has kicked of his campaign for 42 days detention without charge his own electoral security with a bureaucratic nightmare of a system he has just announced. There will be dual, triple and who knows how many hatting of personnel assembled for his paper legions of civilian forces (whatever that means). So bizarre arrangement with the security council and the EU. ( Likely effectiveness = zero ).

There will be a lsit of risks. Obviously unforeseen risks can't happen unless they are on the list and that will stop us having to worry. It will also provide useful information for our enemies as they discover what we're not thinking about. Some real risks will be too un-PC to be added, and the system will ensure that no action can be taken to protect the country from them.

This has all the haul marks of Blair intelligence dossiers and the British government humiliating Colin Powell over Uranium moving round the world and fictitious mobile germ warfare labs.

But most striking of all in his speech is its failure to identify the most likely threat to British territory in his speech - that of more violent aggression from Argentina. Maybe he thinks appeasement works with Argentina - after all he has invited the Argentine President over for a meeting of 'progressive partys' shortly.

Like his great success selling out the UK's budget rebate to get France to reconsider CAP ( they did that for all of 1 sec and then pocketed the money Gordon let them take of us every year ), or when the Chinese fleeced him (ie the taxpayer) over Rover.

As ever the only thing Gordon Brown thinks about is his re-election. You'd think Lord West would remember the threat wouldn't you ....

Lets see how Argentina uses the dedication of the war memorial for their dead at Darwin. Will someone try to raise an Argentine flag perhaps ? You can be sure the foreign office will do its best to hide the facts from the British people. Now that David Miliband has sold his soul over the Lisbon lie - we can expect nothing more from him.

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