Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rowan Williams should resign

I've left the following comment on Peter Old's blog. Something similar on Cranmer's. Its no doubt very difficult for Rowan Williams right now, and I do feel for him. But it is now very clear he is not the man to lead the Church of England. [Let me declare an interest MiaS is a member of the Church of England, as well as a Christian].

    I’m afraid Rowan Williams has shown himself unsuited to being Archbishop. He has given great encouragement to those fundamentalist who believe in turning Western Europe into an Islamic State by force and Jihad. ( It is reported elsewhere that edited versions of his comments are on loop in the middle east’s media ).

    Muslims who don’t want to be oppressed by Sharia have had the ground knocked from under them.

    He has shown great weakness to the Muslim world who will see this as confirmation of the superiority and inevitability of Islamic dominance. ( Add the Bishop of Oxford’s surrender of large areas of his diocese into this. )

    Yes I know he didn’t say this. But it is the meaning being derived from what he said and these assertions were easily predictable. Hence his unsuitability to lead the Church of England or any other public body.

    Christ had the wisdom not to fall into the traps of his questioners and not to say some things until the right time. Rowan Williams clearly lacks this.

    He is no doubt of good man, and maybe a great man with great learning, humility and compassion. But he must still resign and the clergy must tell him to go.


old and angry said...

Well said.
I want an Archbishop of Canterbury.
Not an Imam of Canterbury.
He will sell his religion ( and mine!) down the river purely to prove his "inclusiveness"
The General Synod must encourage him to go!

Anonymous said...

The blokes a plant to discredit the church of England and protestantism. Did you really expect anything different? Didnt he become a druid? Well that's heathen! You cant be a christian and a heathen at the same time.
Williams is so typical of the weak kneed, wishy washy, pc hippy types that seem to proliferate these days. He shouldnt even be in the job as he doesnt even seem to know what christianity is.