Monday, February 11, 2008

Rowan Williams says its our fault for being confused

Many times we get the politicians non-apology. You know the sort of thing - I'm sorry if the misunderstanding of my words has caused offence - which actually means its all your fault for being too stupid to understand.

The BBC quotes him as follows:

    Dr Williams told clergy and lay people at the Church of England synod in Westminster he believed "some of what has been heard is a very long way indeed from what was actually said".

    "But I must of course take responsibility for any unclarity in either that text or in the radio interview and for any misleading choice of words that's helped to cause distress or misunderstanding among the public at large, and especially among my fellow Christians.''

But I never thought I'd hear that line from the Archbishop of Canterbury - but there it is. They are weasel words.

The world is at fault but Rowan Williams only mistake was to fail to appreciate how stupid everyone else is, and to take that into account.

He has then gone further to claim his role as the correct spokesperson for other faiths ! Remember Christianity claims exclusive knowledge of the truth. If you are a Christian you cannot believe - well Islam's okay for other people or let respect other religions and leave them alone. Just as the same is true of Islam.

I have to wonder if Rowan Williams really is a Christian at all.

The Church of England is dying. It is controlled by a social-liberal elite that does not represent a vast section of its membership (the ones who won't all be dead in 20 years time). Only the evangelical wing of the church is growing.

I think a split in the Anglican communion is now moving from possible to desirable. The disestablishment of the Church of England will follow and the destruction of the state based upon its authority. If this happens then a large amount of the responsibility will have been Rowan William's.

[MiaS has been a life long member of the Church of England.]

Update: See the comments of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, whom is an expert on the aggressive campaign for dominance of Islam and the oppression of religious minorities in Muslim country's - especially by sharia. He shoudl know as a Muslim convert he is under sentence of death by sharia.

PS Who remembers Rowan Williams visit to Sudan ?

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Dave said...

It's incredible that the Church, which is after all in the cummunication business, should appoint so inept a communicator as its spokesman.
At least with York and Rochester you understand what is being said. When will these so called communicators understand that it isn't what comes out of the mouth that's important. It's the whole package.History tells us that the US politicians learned this 40 years ago.
I see a fuzzy indistinct man with a fuzzy indistinct message.