Friday, February 29, 2008

God save prince Hal

MiaS had opposed the announced deployment of Prince Harry to Iraq as it was preannounced and was to a part of the world where kidnapping was a major political weapon. At the time I wondered about an anonymous deployment, but thought it better to shut up as no good could come of explaining the idea. ( The Army have enough brain cells to think of it themselves and nobody else needs to focus on it.)

I think a lot of people will have felt a lot of admiration and respect for prince Harry, who has served his country and taken risks many of us will never have to run. Quite honestly I feel proud of him - but I'm not sure if that's the right or appropriate emotion.

Its a great shame his cover has been blown. There's a load of guff about press collusion and freedom of information but I think its miss placed. Surely nobody, outside of the UK's loony left, thinks the press should be printing lists of undercover agents for example ! The Drudge report and Jon Snow should be ashamed of themselves.

But also lets take a moment to consider an aspect of leadership to often missing from our politicians, especially the shameless professional since students New Labour type, that of setting an example. Harry is leading - not by giving orders, speeches, announcing reviews, get press releases, but by doing and setting an example. ( It should be noted that some current MPs have served in Afghanistan themselves - can't think of any Labour ones though. )

This aspect of leadership is too often missing in our self serving world. Whilst I am no fan of Prince Charles - he at least has done things about what he speaks about also - the Prince's trust being the best example.

Personally I'm drifting away from the idea of a royal family - but right now they are out performing our current crop of politicians in terms of leadership.

God save Prince Hal.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone got any statistics on how many sons of politicians are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan at the moment?

Prince Harry has put them all to shame.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

It should be a part of an MPs job description.

To visit every theatre of war in which the UK is engaged, preferably strapped to the front bumper of a land rover on the front line.

ceci n'est pas mon nom said...

How strange it is! And how we should emancipate ourselves from these division-creating labels (Your accursèd Cameron has perhaps understood?): "I'm drifting away from the idea of a Royal Family" MIAS- the shed being certainly situated on the sensible right hand side of the garden. Whereas I,, "loony" expatriate chez the decapitating, king-hating and ungodly frères ennemis across the channel, I'm drifting towards said institution. Where we meet: mutual admiration for the young Hal, soldier prince, more soldier than prince, authentic and admirable example for all young Englishmen. But, entre anglais, between Englishmen, what to say, and above all what to do, about these drudge-like Yankee upstarts eh? The Frnch media coverag of this story has been -surprise, surprise - universally admiring. So hey, MIAS and assorted other defenders of Albion's sacred shores, don't you just know (y)our future lies on this side of the big atlantic pond...!

(Commentary in the form of a "keep up the good -though somewhat dubious- work message)