Thursday, February 28, 2008

So who pays for Network rail's fine ?

Here a thought on the news that Network rail has been fined £14million over its mis-handling of maintenance over the Christmas period: If Network rail is a not for profit company ( remember it was nationalised created by New Labour by that polytechnic lecturer fellow they had to steal money from grandmothers with shares ) then how is any fine to be paid ?

It would seem the options are:

    1) The government gives Network rail more money to pay the fine it charged it with, safe in the knowledge its getting it back in the fine. ( The deckchairs on the Titanic move around a little and more civil servants can keep their jobs shuffling the associated paper work ).
    2) Network rail charges rail companies more. ( Meaning those who weren't responsible of the failure that caused the fine, but perversely suffered from it, will pay. That means they'll raise prices and make us pay ).
    3) Network rail does less track maintenance - punishing the consumer, and perhaps leading to more delays.
Since there are no shareholders to be rewarded from the work of Network Rail, there is nobody to be punished - except perhaps the innocent.

Those whom benefit most from the existence of Network Rail - its senior managers - seem to be doing okay as one of them was at Buck palace today picking up his knighthood.

Cui Bono ?


The Great Simpleton said...

My thoughts as well when I heard it this morning. To add insult to injury they are well ebhind on the West Coast line and in all probability will get an even bigger fine at the end of the year!

Perhaps as it is a nationalised company those who run it ie the politicians should pay the fine ;-)

Travis Bickle said...

Anyone listening to Radio 4 this morning and the man from the regulatory deliberately not answering the same very simple and fundamental question can make their own minds up.