Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unstoppable momentum now behind the disaggregation of the UK

So says Iain Macwhirter in today's Guardian.

That shoudl be a real wake up call to the flat earthers on the left who have been trying to deny the results of their unbalanced devolution botched job for the constitution. ( Lib Dems this means you too ! )

They saw devolution as a clever trick to keep the Tories out of power forever in large areas of the UK ( remember they wanted regional assemblies also to box the Conservatives into the South of England only ), but they really lit the blue touch paper to the Union's destruction.

The only solution is equality of respect amonsgt the nations of the United Kingdom - and that means an English Parliament with a federal UK.

It will be a great loss if the Union is finally destroyed by Gordon Brown and New Labour (they're harking on about Britishness fools no one).

Save England and save the Union. Repress England and you will lose it all. The danger is that the British political establishment is too isolated to see what is going on and will act too late.

Labour should replace Gordon Brown if they want to save the UK with a man or woman who can save the country. Or even better call a general election so a more talented party can sort this mess out.


Letters From A Tory said...

Any attempt now to maintain the status quo could be very damaging for the Union. We need to have a grown-up debate about this and Brown is just never going to let that happen.

Man in a Shed said...

Agree completely.

The problem with the current settlement is the direction of travel.

Scottish Labour and the Lib Dems now describe devolution as a process not an event. Its a process that goes in only one direction.

The underlying issue is stability - or the lack of it.

We've had the partisan botched devolution of New Labour - we need a genuine nation saving cross party move that is not based on save Britain at any price, but justice and respect for all.

Tally said...

The Conservatives should have withdrawn from Regional Assemblies after the North East voted them down in 2004. The Conservatives have given RA's validity by participating with them. All Conservative councils are within their rights to withdraw now, they do not need for a Conservative government to abolish them. Whilst RA's exist England is notionally divided.It's time for them to get off them.