Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Apparently a lot of the energy price increase are from the Treasurey - Darling

You couldn't make this stuff up. Alistair Darling has just made himself look opportunistic, cynical and stupid all in the same move. ( See Damian Reece in todays DT ).

His "I'm a friend of the consumer" type letter to Ofgen apparently fails to take into account all the tax rises introduced by HM Treasury ! ( As well as getting a fail for basic economics in pretending not to understand that as cost of purchasing gas goes up, so the price charged for it must rise.)

What a chump.

PS He's also been caught today saying the interest rates will fall - so that the end of independence for the MPC then.


old and angry said...

I have recently written to several newspapers and organisations trying to get someone interested in starting a campaign to get the 5 % VAT on energy, imposed by the dour one years ago.
The more energy prices go up, the bigger the tax take.
The only response i have had so far is from "Help the aged".

old and angry said...

oops...,i missed out the word "abolished" after the word energy!