Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Labour consider abolishing the professional middle class

The BBC reports that Labour is thinking of dropping the requirement for EU labour to be shown to not be available for jobs over about £40,000 a year.

If you think the fight for jobs with junior Doctors is bad because of immigration then you've seen nothing yet if this goes through.

It will destroy - I repeat - destroy the UK IT and software professions. Engineering, even finance. The only people who will be safe are lawyers and public sector workers ( ie Labour's middle class supporters ). [ It has been pointed out that not all lawyers and civil servants support Labour - OK I accept that, but they are still the only ones whose jobs are safe.]

This idea is insane.

British jobs for British workers? More New Labour lies.


Tom Paine said...

If it were possible to libel a group, here's one lawyer who would sue for that remark!!

Man in a Shed said...

Ok Tom not all lawyers and civil servants are necessarily Labour supporting. But they are the only professionals who aren't likely to be replaced by immigrants from limitless supplies over seas. ( The Lawyers are safe as English law isn't like IT, engineering or medicine being location specific).

The government destroyed the IT contracting industry 10 years ago with IR35 and work visas - mostly to get cheaper services for the government.

There is no point asking people to get skills and professional qualifications if your just planning on replacing them with immigrants anyway.