Monday, December 10, 2007

Why do Scots keep telling us the English don't want political Justice ?

I just heard David Mundell being interviewed on the World at One (R4). As there is not English representative in the Conservative party he was being asked his opinion - which he gave.

Apparently there is no demand for an English Parliament ( wrong its 67% ) and that he didn't want to create two classes of MPs (wrong again David - not very bright are you ? There are already two classes - English - who vote on matters affecting their constituents - and other Celtic MPs who don't have responsibility for devolved matters ).

I am truly fed up of Scots MPs coming on the radio/TV and telling the English want they want and what they can have. We had a Northern Irish lord (Lord Trimble who has only just joined the Conservative party) telling us the English don't deserve democracy or justice either.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah mate, they're obviously all in it together! It stands out a mile. That idiot Cameron going on about his unionism running deep made me think he's Gordon Brown mark two. No, they're all in it together. Cameron is just a stooge. They are all corrupt. All bent as hatpins and nine bob notes mate. They dont care about what we want. What time is it? Time is nearly up I think!